Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Tournaments?

Aikido is non-competitive; there are no tournaments or trophies. The goal is “victory over one’s self”.

Are Size and Strength Important?

People of all ages and sizes and of all levels of physical fitness and athletic ability can benefit from Aikido. It does not require great physical strength.

What are the benefits?

The benefits go well beyond physical fitness and learning a self-defense. The long-term benefits transcend the physical and extend into all aspects of life. Aikido training takes place in the dojo, but as students train they begin to realize the daily applications of the art.

How do I start?

Stop by our school and speak with an instructor. They’ll help you register for the class or course best suited for you.

Youth Classes (5 – 11 y r s)

Aikido is fantastic for kids because it teaches them to not only defend themselves physically, but mentally as well. We focus on helping our students develop a stronger sense of self without teaching them to punch or kick someone else.

Aikido promotes:

  • Self-Confidence
      • Defense in a safe environment though nonviolence.
  • Self-Discipline
    • Students are taught respect, self discipline, and focus.
  • Self-Esteem
    • The more our students train with our instructors the more their self-confidence grows. Accomplishment will be earned, not given.
  • Cooperation with Others
    • Our students have the opportunity to learn and work with a variety of partners and learn to think about someone else before they think about themselves.